Each engagement is very specific to a firm’s situation, interests and vision for the future. These brief descriptions offer a flavor of the results LawMark can bring to your firm.

Individual Coaching. We have worked with hundreds of executives and professionals in the areas of leadership, productivity and profitability, marketing and practice development, time/priority management, work/life balance; conflict management, and career/practice transition.

Planning Retreat and Long-range Plan. A mid-sized local firm with more than 50 years in practice was being encroached upon by high-tech California firms and larger regional and national firms. LawMark designed and facilitated a planning retreat and long-range focus process that built consensus and led to several strategic initiatives. As a result, client base has been significantly upgraded, increasing hourly, realization and collection rates over the prior year.

Merger Facilitation. A prominent firm with offices in two cities was the product of a merger between separate firms. LawMark facilitated the merger process and assisted with developing a strategic plan for the new venture. The plan is being implemented and the firm has more than doubled the combined revenues following the merger.

Mediation and Team Building. A firm had been fractured by the separation of a name partner. LawMark served as mediator during the exit process and then helped the firm survive the transition and continue to grow the business.

Marketing Buy-in. Multi-office specialty firm sought to grow market share in spite of an anti-marketing culture. Lawmark provided insight to assist the group in crafting and actually implementing a marketing strategy with partner buy-in. The firm has recently experienced unprecedented growth in client base and revenues.

Marketing Turn-around. Lawmark assisted a practice group within a larger firm in collaborative marketing efforts to combat the abrupt loss of its major client due to an unavoidable conflict. The group’s billings, after only a one-month decrease, subsequently increased above previous levels and the client base was diversified and strengthened.

Conflict Resolution. A successful firm was experiencing a bumpy ride due to a personal style conflict between two name partners. Through the use of the Birkman® profile and individual coaching, LawMark helped resolve the conflicts and facilitate common ground for cooperation.

Management. A firm was in generational transition. LawMark assisted in the formulation and implementation of a management structure that allowed for the development of new leadership without the exclusion of senior leaders who had been instrumental in the firm’s development.

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